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The Name

Lin´s Mandarin - Mongolian Grill, stands for the consistent implementation of a sophisticated and contemporary cuisine with many Asian influences.


Let us make a time journey back to the era of the great army leader Dschingis-Khan who conquered with his warriors large territories of Asia. For a effective feed of

his warriors must be paid attention for following criterian, fast and simple preparation, nutritious, tasty, rich in vitamin and also with what the respective animal

and plant world offer. The preparation took place on the "Mongolian Grill" (a defense shield) over an open fire place.


The review on this ancient time inspired us for this concept, offer a cuisine to justify your expectation, fresh ingredients, low fat, rich vitamins and careful cooked.


Put together your menu as you want. Be charmed of the magic taste of our food. By the way our valid Motto is always:  All you can eat